This past weekend 4421 Productions had its inaugural event at the Kennedy Center and it was a big success. What is 4421 Productions? Well, check out their very cool website for the full story, but in a nutshell it is a new company started by three very talented young artists, Bisah Suh, Maureen Smith and Nabil Abdulkadir. They started this company to build creative community and to provide opportunities for young DC-area artists to show their work through transforming space and presenting events. They also do content production to support  young artists. It’s an ambitious project that’s already bearing fruit. The event at the Kennedy Center was a screening of a documentary 4421 produced called “Overtime” followed by a discussion. The event was standing-room-only, and the discussion was lively. The founders of 4421 are super-plugged in to the vibrant young arts scene in the DC area, and they are leveraging those connections to provide essential and innovative support to as many young artists as possible. We at AOK are so proud of Bisah, Maureen and Nabil, and are very excited to see what they do with their amazing new platform!