AOK is featured on the lastest episode of Crazy Good Turns, a crazily addictive podcast that tells the stories of people doing good in the world.  Fascinating and inspiring stories are featured each episode with topics ranging from vets that help people after natural disasters to a non-profit that makes unbelievable Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs.

We’re so excited to have the chance to tell the AOK story on Crazy Good Turns. But that’s not all that has us doing our AOK happy dance! By sharing our episode on social media and encouraging people to listen to the episode on itunes, we have the opportunity to win a $50,000 grant from Crazy Good Turns!  As part of our amazing extended network of AOK family, YOU can help by sharing the link to the episode on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can listen here.

New to podcasts?  They are digital audio files you listen to from your computer, phone or ipad that are released in a series.  If you listen through iTunes you can navigate easily between episodes just like any songs in your music library.  Check it out!