On Wednesday May 22nd, All Our Kids will host a screening of the critically acclaimed documentary film What Happened 2 Chocolate City. Filmmaker Mignotae Kebede will join us for a discussion following the screening.

What Happened 2 Chocolate City examines how gentrification is changing Black communities in the nation’s capital. The film tells the story of three different generations through the narrative of three different Washingtonians.

Through the lives and perspectives of John Russell, Mike Perry, and Zarina Witherspoon, the film tells an intergenerational account of how revitalization and urban development efforts have impacted the Black community in Washington. The film celebrates the roots of Washington DC, paying homage to mumbo sauce and GoGo music, and centering the legions of Black artists and academics native to Washington.

Join us tomorrow at Independent Sector at 1602 L St. NW at 6:00 pm for the screening of the film.