AOK’s very own Shaughn Cooper traveled to Ethiopia earlier this year with The Table Initiative. The Table Initiative is a nonprofit organization which aims to build connections across the global, creating community and inspiring social justice.

During his journey he took some incredible photos. We had the pleasure of hosting a friends and family screening of Shaughn Cooper’s photographs last week at Independent Sector.

The evening brought members of the AOK community together to celebrate the work of Shaughn Cooper and all of those who worked to get him to Ethiopia in February.

Shaughn is committed to connecting with a new communities through his work and hopes to give back through his photography.

“I’d like to thank AOK for sponsoring my screening and for helping me fundraise and exceed my goal for my trip to Ethiopia. I’d also like to thank my family and friends who came out to my screening last minute. Soon I’ll be exhibiting some of my shots and selling prints that will be donating 15% of the proceeds back to the organizations I worked with.”

The photographs will be made available to the public via a lobby exhibition later this year.