From the most appalling to the most boring, all events become fodder for visual rhetoric in the world of Autumn Wallace.

Autumn was born in Philadelphia to parents that pushed them to binge on information and overachieve where they did not. Their tenacity has resulted in a body of work hinting at borderline obsessions with early 90’s cartoons, Byzantine aesthetics and something they call “low-quality adult materials”. They use a variety of mediums within the fields of painting and ceramics to create narratives converging in chaotic fusions, coming together through observation over explanation. With aims at equalling the ‘playing field’ for critical dialogue on topics ranging from anthropology to zoology, they aim to carve entryways for those excluded in conversations that art has yet to offer. In a world of highly polarized debates on the highest taboos, they strive to join the ranks of those who use art as a roundtable with absurdity as moderator.