Recently our David Brooks was featured on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria show to discuss his new book The Second Mountain.

Brooks spoke about the purpose behind The Second Mountain, expressing how the second mountain is about “living out of your heart and soul, not out of the desires of your ego.”

He spoke about his journey and how he became a part of the AOK community, and how his experience at the AOK table reshaped his thinking around emotional vulnerability and the value of community.

AOK has “embodied a better way to live, which is complete emotional transparency,” Brooks said while discussing some of his first times at Thursday Night Dinner and how those experiences transformed his approach to work and life.

Brooks’ interview provides a powerful entry point to discussing the power of emotional vulnerability in our daily lives.

It prompts us to think more deeply about the power of communities that encourage us to rethink the boundaries and social norms that we are subjected to on a daily basis. When we are encouraged to be emotionally vulnerable we are able to build honest and meaningful relationships with one another.

More importantly, relationships founded on emotional vulnerability and courage allow us to see past our differences and challenge us to conquer our fears around connecting with others.

You can watch the interview with Fareed Zakaria here.


(Photo courtesy of CNN, Fareed Zakaria GPS)