AOK family member and New York Times columnist David Brooks just published a super-interesting and provocative article in this month’s Atlantic Monthly. In it he raises questions about the ability of the nuclear family to adequately respond to the pressures of modern life. He also explores ways in which people all over the country are creating new forms of social connection beyond the nuclear family that are mutually supportive and nourishing–what he calls “forged families”. He writes about AOK as his forged family and how important it has been to him. It’s a brave and honest article that’s worth taking the time to read.

Since the beginning, AOK has been committed to creating community that is rooted in solidarity, mutual support and mutual benefit. Our new Wellfleet Artist Retreat is the exciting next step in our path of creating supportive networks that provide the wind beneath the wings of the young, emerging artists we serve. We are bringing to our table a diverse group of people and organizations, all of whom benefit from collaborative efforts to provide the opportunities, experiences and connections our young artists want and deserve but often don’t have access to.

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