Joshua Bell and Larisa Martinez hosted a dinner for AOK at their gorgeous home in New York City on Wednesday. Kathy whipped up the classic–and delicious!–Thursday Night Dinner for AOK friends both old and new. David Brooks made compelling remarks about what AOK means to him, and actor Alfre Woodard moved us all with her heartfelt comments on the power of art and community represented by AOK.

And there was marvelous music before and after dinner–Joshua played a Grieg piece on his violin, Larisa sang several pieces, our very own Kesari wowed us with two songs, Tiffany played the piano and sang, as did our Hawaiian guests Paula Fuga and Starr.

It was a magical evening. We want to send a big AOK shout out to everyone who attended. And we are so grateful to Joshua and Larisa for opening their home to AOK. They are at the heart of the AOK family.