Starting February 4th at Independent Sector, a 5 week course meeting Monday’s from 6-7pm.

In this class, we will be covering the fundamental basics of videography and editing in Premiere Pro. This class is geared towards people who have an interest, but little to no experience in videography. We will be going over what equipment you need for different types of video making, what goes into pre & post-production, as well as basic tips and tricks for understanding how a camera works (shutter speed, ISO, aperture). Throughout the course, we will break down videos and look at how they were shot and edited to the point where you will be able to shoot and edit your own content. The goal for this course is to have you be able to walk out with the knowledge and confidence to go out and shoot and edit your own videos. Requirements: Adobe Premiere Pro

Some of Nabil’s video work examples.

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