We are excited to announce that later this month AOK will be launching a new series of ‘virtual exhibits’ that allow us to show the work of the talented young, emerging artists we work with. We will share the work of young artists we have worked with in the Washington, DC area as well as those who have done residencies with us in Wellfleet, MA. We will show the work of artists who work in a range of forms, including visual art, photography, theater, music and poetry.

And we are incredibly pleased that our first virtual exhibit will show the work of photographer Shaughn “The Working Man” Cooper. As beloved by his peers as he is sought after as a photographer, Shaughn Cooper has been a treasured part of the AOK family for many years. He is a self-taught photographer whose creative eye, integrity and hard work have put him in high demand as a professional photographer. He also is a selfless peer and mentor, having offered free courses and scholarships as well as time and attention to many young people just starting out as photographers. We are proud to be associated with Shaughn and excited to show off his work. You’ll be able to see it here on our website and on our social media very soon! To learn more about Shaughn, please visit his website.