Today we are celebrating the release of our Cape Cod trip recap video. Created by the talented Nabil Abdulkadir, the video features some of the most memorable highlights from our vacation in Cape Cod. As summer comes to a close we are looking back on all of the wonderful memories we made during our Cape Cod trip. Returning to work and school, we are reminded of the days spent lying on the beach, the afternoons spent swimming while the sun set, and the many meals we shared together as a community. As the video shows there were many nights full of dancing, music, and community.

View the video of our family trip to Cape Cod here.

We are grateful to Nabil for capturing all of the excitement from the Cape so that we can share the joy we experience with other folks in our community. Thank you to everyone who supported AOK in making this trip a reality, it would not have been possible without your continuous love and support.