What is the AOK Wellfleet Artist Retreat?

In June, 2019 AOK expanded our programming to launch a new Artist Residency program in Wellfleet, MA committed to providing space, resources and community and increasing equity and opportunity for young, emerging artists.

All artists in our program benefit from quiet work space, comfortable lodging, delicious, healthy food and an environment that fosters creativity and community.

Our goal is to eventually have a fully-functioning, permanent home for the Wellfleet Artist Retreat that can serve 8-10 artists at a time. But we’re not waiting to bring our young artists to Wellfleet. Starting in the summer of 2019, we have already started hosting artists-in-residence in Wellfleet.

What happens during the Wellfleet residencies?

Most importantly, AOK artists-in-residence have uninterrupted time and space to create. We invite them to leave the worries, uncertainties, demands, anxieties and self-doubt of everyday life behind them for the duration of their residency. They are invited to reflect, to dream, to imagine and to really sink into their art in quiet seclusion. They are provided with everything they need—food, time, supplies, space, solitude, quiet—and have nothing to worry about except being artists and making art. As artists in residence, they receive very special treatment, and are invited to think of themselves as deserving of this, simply because they are artists.

Participating artists are also invited to be part of a community, with their fellow residents, other members of the rich Cape Cod arts community and of the community at large. They have the opportunity to share their experiences with one another, share and glean new wisdom and build relationships. They have the all-too-rare experience of participating in a community of self-identified artists, moored in the values of creativity, solidarity, respect, reflection, kindness, hard work, humor, trust and of high self-regard.

Who gets to do Wellfleet residencies?

Our focus is on recruiting emerging artists from 18-30 years old who would most benefit from our commitment to equity. To find our artists-in-residence, we use the extensive connections with the vibrant DC-area young artistic community we’ve developed through our existing programs. As our program grows and matures in the next 2-5 years, we will expand our geographical reach by recruiting young, emerging artists from around the nation.

Residencies are open to artists of all disciplines, including visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, videography, etc.), writing (fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, etc.), spoken word, architecture, musical composition and performance, theater, dance, culinary arts and interdisciplinary arts.

Artists-in-residence are chosen in a competitive application process. They are selected based on the quality of and commitment to their work and the strength of their application.

How much do residencies cost?

Wellfleet residencies are offered at no cost to the emerging artists. AOK offers a weekly stipend. Travel expenses are paid and full room and board provided to all participating emerging artists. AOK provides basic supplies to the emerging artists.

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