Based on the success of our trauma-informed yoga workshop, this fall AOK decided to move forward with hosting a four week-long yoga circles class at Independent Sector. These women-only classes, provide an intimate and safe setting for members of the AOK community to gather in self reflection, healing, and contemplation together. Led by our favorite instructor, Cole, these yoga circles include a variety of activities and exercises that promote self-awareness, building community, and strengthening personal relationships with the body. The sessions bring together mindfulness exercises, breathing work, and movement for a holistic yoga experience. Reflective exercises on mindfulness and awareness often involve group discussions and opportunities to talk with one another about how we can each strengthen our practice. This week’s class touched upon the importance of noticing, and how noticing and mindfulness can encourage us to dive deeper into becoming aware of unconscious emotions or experiences that we may be holding on to. As our programming becomes more focused on holistic wellness, we recognize how creating a women-only space is valuable in strengthening our community and ensuring safe spaces exist for restoration and healing.