Our Mission

AOK increases equity and opportunity for young, emerging artists by providing the community, resources and support they need to succeed in life and meet their creative goals.


Our Vision

AOK envisions a world in which:
  • All people are valued and have the same opportunities to succeed and be happy, regardless of background.
  • Artists are recognized and valued for the contributions they make to a more harmonious, peaceful world.
  • All young, emerging artists have the same opportunities to develop their skills, networks and opportunities for success and happiness, regardless of background.

Our Values

We believe that:
  • All people deserve the same opportunities to succeed and be happy.
  • We all have a responsibility to do what we can to increase equity in the world.
  • Art is transformative. It celebrates individuality even as it brings us together across cultures and time, and highlights our common aspirations like nothing else does. It is a tremendously powerful key that can unlock what’s best within us, help us see what’s best in others and connect us in profound ways.