AOK held a financial literacy workshop on October 13th, 2019. The workshop taught attendees the importance of creating a budget, sticking to budgeting, and how to manage personal finances.

As young people and emerging artists, it can be especially challenging to establish a financial plan. Income is often fluctuating and many artists in our community take on freelance projects and various opportunities which makes planning ahead more difficult. Personal finance is an incredibly important component of becoming an independent and self sufficient young person, and this workshop offered the opportunity to grow and improve our own independence. Many people do not come from backgrounds or communities where budgeting and personal finance is valued or taught, and often money can be a point of contention, fear, or intimidation in our lives. Workshops like these are essential for empowering ourselves and demystifying personal finance so that we can feel in control of our futures.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this incredible event. We valued the lively discussion and open dialogue that propelled the workshop forward and created a space for learning and growth. We especially want to thank Jordan Rippy for leading the workshop and offering her expertise in budgeting, managing personal finances, and providing us the opportunity to learn essential financial skills.