Last week, our second group art show ‘TRIBE’ was a huge success – we had over 100 people in attendance!
It was great being a part of planning the show! As a team we discussed the importance of brotherhood and sisterhood in our lives and ultimately came up with the name “TRIBE” for our show. A tribe is just a word used to describe the people you choose to surround yourself with. We, as artists, realized that the people closest to us were individuals who pushed us to be our best selves and challenge our creative limits.
A few months back, our vision for the show was very broad and blurry, but as we kept meeting up weekly, we got closer and closer to our idea. Through attending these meaning and doing my best to help put together this show and display my work, I realized that many of the people around that table planning in Independent Sector every Monday, were in fact, a part of my tribe.