Many of you know our Madeline needs a kidney transplant.  David has been approved as her donor.  Their surgery is scheduled for October 18, this week. We will want to circle both of them with support and love through this time and for several weeks after surgery while they recuperate. You’ll see posts with updates and information during the next couple of weeks on a website called CaringBridge: There will be a lot going on during this time—instead of all of us texting, calling, and emailing Kathy, or each other friends, we have set up this site so everyone can get good updated information on what’s going on.

Please take a minute to sign up for CaringBridge now and check out the location called A New Kidney for Madeline. The main purpose of CaringBridge is to have a way to easily communicate. But the website also helps provide support in other ways.   If you want to help with food, there’s a calendar to sign up to bring or send dinner to the house while Madeline and David are recovering and some suggestions about diet for people on dialysis, as Madeline has been.   If you or someone you know would like to provide financial support for AOK during this time, there’s a GoFundMe link on the website too. But it’s basically there for all of us to get news about how things are going with Madeline and David. As always, thanks for your love and support.

– The AOK family