Photo credit: Othello Banaci

Now and then, we’re going to post mini-profiles of young artists associated with AOK. To kick this off we’re focusing on young photographer Shaughn Cooper.

Shaughn is having a well-deserved rest. He just got back from a gig as one of the official tour photographers on the European leg of up-and-coming singer and rapper Lizzo’s ‘Cuz I Love You Too’ tour. He has a few weeks off, before he heads back out with her on the Asian leg of her tour. Shaughn is a very busy guy. A self-taught photographer, he has built a super-vibrant photography business through focus, talent and hard work. (He isn’t known as the ‘Workin’ Man’ for nothing!) But not only hard work. Shaughn is kind, humble and generous. He is a man of his word and places accountability high on his list of virtues. He gives back and pays it forward–he organizes and teaches free courses in photography and wants to start a nonprofit one day that teaches photography to young people aspiring to careers in the field. And he always has time for a word of encouragement to friends and colleagues alike.

Shaughn has been a part of the AOK family for a couple of years now. I can’t remember who invited him at first, but I’m grateful to that person. Shaughn is a warm, gentle presence, with a friendly smile and a great hug. I love that someone who is such a good person is achieving success. He sets a wonderful example for all of us, regardless of age or background. I’m very proud of Shaughn, and proud to know him.

Want to see Shaughn’s work? Visit his website at