(Painting by Bob Henry)

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks it’s how much we need art. And how much we need artists. They help us connect with each other and with parts of ourselves that need tenderness and remembering, especially now. They inspire us with the art they make, their focus in making it and their generosity in sharing it. They keep us in the present, even if only for the moments we spend absorbing their work–moments freed from anxiety and worry–precious moments indeed. I’m reminded in this difficult time how grateful I am for all the artists in my life, and for the art they share. Here are a couple of examples of creative work I’ve come across this week that made me smile, made me think, made me wonder.


Silkroad Home Session with Yo-Yo Ma

Bringing music from our homes to yours. ❤️ #songsofcomfort

Posted by Silkroad on Monday, March 16, 2020



Stay safe, everyone…