When we host our Thursday Night Dinners we always go around the table at some point to share what we’re grateful for. This is an opportunity for every person at the table to be the center of attention–which we all need sometimes!–and to share something that connects us more deeply to each other.

Lately, I have been grateful for the community of people we are gathering around the table in our new home in Wellfleet. Whenever we bring a young artist here to do a residency, we always end their time with us with a celebratory dinner. We invite local artists and other friends of AOK to attend and when we go around the table, in addition to gratitude, we all express something we admire about or wish for the young artist being celebrated. It’s moving to me how thoughtful, kind and supportive everyone is, and how impactful the experience is to the young artists, and for everyone, for that matter. I’m grateful to our new friends here on the Outer Cape–you know who you are!!–for being so generous with our artists and for embracing them and AOK with such warmth and enthusiasm.