I know, it’s supposed to be Throwback Thursday, but, really…whatever! Today is Throwback Monday!

As I get  used to sheltering in place, I find myself thinking of the young artists we’ve come to know over the years, and how much richer my life is for having them in our lives. A great example is Tewabech Dagol. She started attending Thursday Night Dinner at our old house in DC a few years ago, before she headed off to the Pratt Institute in New York to study painting. She is a very talented painter who does wonderful work portraying the people in her life. (The painting of the woman in pink is a great example–her control of form, color, light, texture and mood is incredible!) She did a solo show at our Art Space at Independent Sector in DC last summer. The opening reception was a crowded, energetic affair, attended by fellow artists, friends and family. (The group photo is from the opening reception.) People were very excited by the work on display, and she sold a number of pieces in that show. She went on to do a week-long residency last December here in Wellfleet where she finished two wonderful pastel self-portraits. (The other photo is from her critique dinner with Wellfleet artist Robert Henry.) Her patience and good humor with the vicissitudes of life are admirable and her commitment to her art, regardless of obstacles inspiring. I count myself fortunate to know Tewabech, and am grateful that we are friends.