Want to help? Well, of course, you can make a donation by clicking here.

And check out our Top 10 Wish-list below:


  • Media Lab components: We want to create a media lab in our new art space with 10 Macs loaded with software artists can use for photo and video editing, music editing and mixing, clothing design, graphic design, writing, etc.
  • Art supplies: canvas, paints, brushes, sketch books, pencils, ink, charcoal, etc. Our young artists go through supplies like you wouldn’t believe. Help them keep up with their creativity!
  • SLR cameras and video recorders. Not to mention other photography and videography components like lenses, lights, tripods, filters, etc.
  • Airline or Amtrak points. Help our kids get back and forth to school.
  • Bikes and bike equipment. Our kids love to ride bikes–especially fixies–and depend on them to get around. We also need bike lights, locks, helmets, etc.


  • In general, we need volunteers of all kinds. Go here to learn more and fill out our volunteer form. More specifically, we could really use the following help:
  • Do you know Quickbooks? Do you have a couple of hours a week to help us keep our books up to date? If so, David will love you. For. Ever.
  • Help us negotiate the health care system to make sure our kids have the health care they need.
  • Are you a dentist? Know one? Too many of our kids haven’t been to the dentist in too long. We’re looking for a community-minded dentist to offer pro bono dental care to our kids.
  • Are you an established artist? Would you volunteer to offer classes and workshops in your medium in our new art space?

If you are interested in helping out with any of these, contact David at david@aokdc.org or 413.658.5406. Thank you!!